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Recipe: Restore and Entire VM in vSphere

Expected deliverables:

Fully restore a VM to a previous state in a vSphere environment

Time to complete: minutes to hours


  • Veeam Backup and Replication server.
  • Existing backup(s) for your virtual machine.

Before you start:

You will restore an entire VM to a previous state. You can choose to restore at the same or different location. Restoring at the same location will replace the VM in its current state if it still exists.


You have a fully working Veeam Backup Server in your environment with a vSphere Infrastructure attached.
You have at least one backup for your virtual machine, or a snapshot of the production Datastore where the VM sits.


  1. Open the Veeam Backup and Replication console.
  2. Select the virtual machine to restore, whether from inventory view or from backups
  3. In the right pane, right click the VM you want to restore and choose Restore/Restore entire VM…
  4. Click Next, then select Restore Mode and choose wheter to perform a Quick Rollback or not.
  5. If Staged restore was selected enter Virtual Lab settings
  6. If Staged restore or Different location or settings was selected, enter additional required information
  7. If a VM exists that would be overwritten you are warned of its stopping and deletion at the beginning of the restore process
  8. Review the summary and click finish

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