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Receip: Perform the restore

Expected deliverables:

  • Restored backup files from previous backups.

Before you start:

  • Access to AIX server.
  • Permissions to perform the data restore.


  • Installed and configured Veeam Agent for AIX.
  • Health last backup.


  1. To locate the backup, run the command: veeamconfig backup list –all
  2. Explore Backup Content: veeamconfig backup show –id got from the previous step.
  3. Mount the backup: veeamconfig backup mount –id backupid –mountdir /mnt/backup.
  4. Monitor the mount result: veeamconfig session log –id
  5. copy the desired files from the mount directory, For example: cp report.pdf /home/ali/
  6. Stop the restore operation : veeamconfig session stop –id

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