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Veeam Cookbook

Welcome to the Veeam Cookbook.

This cookbook is a collection of recipes to accomplish one task each, the idea is based on a recipe that you read for instructions not for explanations.

This book is intended for many people:

  • New to Veeam and just want a simple next, next, next, approach, not to learn about Veeam but how to do something.

  • People who already know Veeam well but sometimes we only do tasks once on an odd occasion, we know the technology just cannot remeber the how!

  • People who just want a quick refresh

These recipes are based Veeam Backup & Replication operations. Version 12.1 (Build numbers and versions)

It is not meant as a full documentation or detailed explanation of the features. Please refer to the Veeam Help Center for this kind of documents.

The cookbook is not intended for professionals in search of answers and suggestions to different topics. it is juts a pracital guide on how to do a task within Veeam

Be aware that recipes are not the only available answer. They will fit in the majority of cases Make sure you understand the implications of the advised best practices or ask someone who does.

If in doubt, reach out to Veeam professionals in our forums.

How to use this cookbook

As you can imagine from a cookbook it is broken into catagories, then each catagory will contain associated recipes, choose a single recipe for a task or put many recipes together to make a process of execution.

As mentioned there is no explantions in the recipes, please head out to our Veeam Help Center if you would like more explanatory information.

Each recipe will also link to the help guide for more information on the basic installation of that particular component.

We hope you will find the information collected here useful. Thanks!

The Veeam Solutions Architect Team

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