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Recipe: Restore and Recovery Oracle Database with Veeam Explorer for Oracle RMAN

Expected deliverables:

Restore and Recovery Oracle Database.

Time to complete: 10 minutes

Ingredients: The account with Oracle SYSDBA access. The administrator or root account Configured Veeam Plugin for Oracle RMAN.

Before you start: User account with SysDBA permissions. User with OS administrator permission. Veeam Plugin for Oracle RMAN installed and configured.


  1. Open an RMAN backup, as described in Exploring RMAN Backups.
  2. In the navigation pane, select a database.
  3. On the Database tab, select Restore Database > Restore or right-click a database and select Restore
  4. Select Recovery type as “Recover Database to Specify Point in Time as shown in figure
  5. Specify the server where you desired to perform the database restore along with username and password to access the server.
  6. Specify Oracle Setting, you can perform the restore with the original name and settings or restore the database with different name and settings
  7. Specify point in time – You can select the option to restore the database to latest available backup or specify the SCN (System Change Number) or Sequence as restore point
  8. Specify Datafiles location – You can specify the new location for datafiles
  9. Configure channel allocation – you can use default setting or allocate the number of channels for the restore.
  10. Click Restore

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