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Recipe: Configuration of Veeam Plugin for Oracle RMAN on Linux Server

Expected deliverables:

Veeam Plugin for RMAN ready to backup the Oracle Databases.

Time to complete: 4 minutes


The account with Oracle SYSDBA access. The oracle environment should be set. The Veeam repository should have access permissions for the account used to configure the VeeamPlugin for Oracle RMAN for Veeam backup & replication account.

Before you start:

User account with SysDBA permissions. Veeam Plugin for Oracle RMAN installed.


  1. OracleRMANConfig –wizard
  2. Enter Server Name or IP Address: Veeam Backup Replication Server Name or IP
  3. Enter backup server port number [10006]:
  4. Enter username: Account added in Veeam Repository Access Permissions.
  5. EnterPassword: Account Password
  6. Select the Backup Repository:
  7. Enter the number of data streams (From 1 to 254) to run in parallel for each repository (RMAN DEVICE PARALLELISM value). Channel count per device: 1 – 254
  8. Do you want to use Veeam compression (Y/n):Y
  9. Save configuration?
  10. Apply configuration to the Oracle environment Enter: 1

** Database instance Veeam is configured **

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