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Recipe: Adding Backup Repository

Expected deliverables:

A backup repository to store backups of Azure VMs.

Time to complete: 5 minutes


  • An Azure Storage Account with a blob container

Before you start:

You can either add an existing folder for storing backup files or create a new one.


You have an existing Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure deployment.


  1. Open the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure webinterface.
  2. Click the Configuration button on the top right of the screen.
  3. On the left menu click Repositories and click Add.
  4. Specify a name and description for the Repository and click Next.
  5. Under Account select the Azure account to use, and on Location specify the storage account and the blob container. You can select an existing folder or create a new one: in this case, you also need to specify a tier option between Hot, Cool, Archive and Inferred. Click Next to proceed.
  6. For the existing folder you can enable Encryption, using a user defined password or an Azure Key Vault encryption key. Click Next when done.
  7. Review the configuration information, check the box if you want to go to the Session Log page and confirm by clicking Finish.

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