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Recipe: SharePoint Restore

Expected deliverables:

Restoration of SharePoint data using the Restore Portal

Time to complete: 5 minutes


  • A supported web browser
  • A user account for the configured Microsoft 365 organization
  • Valid SharePoint backup data

Before you start: Restore Portal can be used by: VB365 administrators, Restore Operators and End Users.

Assumptions: You have an existing Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 installation.


  1. Open a web browser on any computer and access the Restore Portal.
  2. Open the Explore tab and select a restore point from which you want to explore and restore data.
  3. In the navigation pane, browse through the hierarchy of folders with backed-up data.
  4. Select a folder that contains data you want to restore.
  5. In the preview pane, select check boxes next to the necessary SharePoint items, select which version, then click “Restore”.
  6. Verify the items you want to restore. If you no longer want to restore an item, select it and click “Remove”.
  7. Select whether you want to restore the selected items in the original location or to a new location. In the latter case, specify the list name.
  8. You can click “Advanced options” to choose to restore changed items, missing items, to restore permissions, or restore only the latest version. In this case, you can also choose to overwrite or merge production data with the backup.
  9. Specify a restore reason, then review details and click “Finish” to start the restore operation.

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