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Recipe: Performing Google Cloud VM Disk Restore to its original location

Expected deliverables:

A Google Cloud VM persistent disk recovered at the time of backup state to its original location.

Time to complete: 5 minutes


Before you start:

You can restore zonal and regional persistent disks of all types: standard (pd-standard), balanced (pd-balanced), extreme (pd-extreme) and SSD (pd-ssd).


You have an existing Veeam Backup for Google Cloud deployment, and backups of one or more Google Cloud VMs.


  1. Login the Veeam Backup for Google Cloud web interface.
  2. Navigate to Protected Data > VM. Select the VM instance whose persistent disks you want to restore, and click Restore > Disk Restore.
  3. At the Instances step
    • Select a restore point that will be used to restore persistent disks of the selected VM instance (by default the most recent restore point).
    • If you want to restore only specific persistent disks of the selected VM, you can exclude the unnecessary disks from the restore process. Click Next.
  4. At the Restore Mode step, choose to restore the persistent disks to the original. Click Next.
  5. At the Reason step, specify a reason for restoring the persistent disks. Click Next.
  6. At the Summary step, review summary information. Click Finish.

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