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Recipe: Performing File-Level Recovery

Expected deliverables:

Files in the VM recovered at the time of backup state.

Time to complete: 10 minutes


  • A Google Cloud VM cloud-native snapshot or image-level backup
  • The protected Google Cloud VM must have a supported file system (Microsoft NTFS, FAT or FAT32 / Linux ext2, ext3, ext4, XFS, Btrfs)
  • A Worker Configuration in the same region and availability zone where original VM resides, and wherte the storage bucket with backup data resides.

Before you start:

Make sure the machine where you plan to open the File-Level Restore browser is allowed to access the worker instances over the internet (TCP 443).


You have an existing Veeam Backup for Google Cloud deployment, and backups of one or more Google Cloud VMs.


  1. Login the Veeam Backup for Google Cloud web interface.
  2. Navigate to Protected Data > VM. Select the VM instance whose files and folders you want to recover, and click File-Level Recovery.
  3. At the Instances step, select a restore point that will be used to recover files and folders (by default the most recent restore point). Click Next.
  4. At the Reason step, specify a reason for recovering files and folders. Click Next.
  5. At the Summary step, review summary information and click Finish.
  6. As soon as you click Finish, Veeam will close the File-level Recovery wizard, start a recovery session and display the FLR Running Sessions window.
  7. In the FLR Running Sessions window, in the URL column of the window, Veeam will display a link. Click the link to open the File-Level Restore browser on your local machine.
  8. In the File-Level Restore browser:
    • Navigate to a folder that contains the necessary files
    • In the working area, select check boxes next to the files and click Add to Restore List.
    • Switch to the Restore List tab, review the list of items to recover, select check boxes next to the items, and click Download.
  9. After you finish working with the File-Level Restore browser, click Stop Recovery Session in the FLR Running Sessions window to finish the process.

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