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Recipe: Restoring the Veeam Backup for Google Cloud configuration data

Expected deliverables:

Restore the Veeam Backup for Google Cloud configuration by using a configuration backup.

Time to complete: 5 minutes


  • Access to Veeam Backup for Google Cloud appliance using a browser
  • A Configuration Backup previously created either automatically or manually.

Before you start: Before you start the restore process, stop all backup policies that are currently running.

Assumptions: You have an existing Veeam Backup for Google Cloud deployment.


  1. Login the Veeam Backup for Google Cloud web interface.
  2. Switch to the Configuration page and navigate to General > Configuration Backup.
  3. In the Configuration restore section, click Restore.
  4. At the Backup File step, choose whether you want to use an exported backup file or a configuration backup stored in a backup repository
  5. At the File Content step, review the provided information and click Next
  6. At the Restore Options step, optionally you can restore session logs and user accounts, or leave the default and click Next.
  7. At the Restore step, wait for the restore process to complete and click Next.
  8. At the Configuration Check step, wait for the verification checks to complete and click Next
  9. At the Restore Result step, click Finish.

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