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Recipe: Exporting the configuration backup file

Expected deliverables:

A Veeam Backup for Google Cloud configuration backup file exported to be restored on another backup appliance.

Time to complete: 5 minutes


  • Access to Veeam Backup for Google Cloud appliance using a browser
  • A Configuration Backup previously created either automatically or manually.

Before you start:

Assumptions: You have an existing Veeam Backup for Google Cloud deployment.


  1. Login the Veeam Backup for Google Cloud web interface.
  2. Switch to the Configuration pagev and navigate to General > Configuration Backup.
  3. In the Configuration restore section, click Available Restore Points.
  4. Select the necessary backup and click Export Backup.
  5. Specify a password that will be used to encrypt the exported file, provide a hint for the specified password, and click Export.
  6. Exported backup file will be downloades to the download folder on the local machine

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