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Recipe: NAS restore of entire file share

Expected deliverables:

  • Restore of an entire SMB or NFS file share

Time to complete: 5-30 minutes

  • Note times will vary depending on the size of the data being restored


  • A backup of NAS using Veeam NAS backup


  • It is assumed that you already have a Veeam Backup Server fully working in your environment.
  • If you need to install Veeam Backup Server, please refer to “Installing Veeam Backup & Replication All-In-One Base system” recipe.

Before you start

  • Ensure that you have sufficient file systems space to allow for restore of the backup
  • Ensure that you have specified required ACL handling settings for the root folder before restoring.


  1. Open the Veeam Backup & Replication Console.
  2. Open the Backup Home View
  3. Select Backups > backup that holds the share that requires restore
  4. Either select “Entire Share” from the top ribbon or right-click backup and select the same.
  5. In the wizard press “Add” and select the share(s) that require restore (next)
  6. Select either “Original Location” or “This server” the specify a new server and path (next)
  7. Select restore options
  8. Select Finish to start the restore

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