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Recipe: Create a SureBackup Job

Expected deliverables:

A SureBackup job: a task for recovery verification that is run in an isolated environment.

Time to complete: 10 minutes


  • A virtual lab on the same platform as the application group and verified VMs

Before you start:

VMs from the application group and verified VMs must belong to the same platform — VMware or Hyper-V. Mixed scenarios are not supported.


You have a Veeam Backup and Replication server installed with a valid Enterprise edition license.


  1. Open the Veeam Backup & Replication Console and select Backup Infrastructure on the bottom left menu.
  2. Select SureBackup and click Add SureBackup Job > VMware vSphere or Add SureBackup Job > Microsoft Hyper-V.
  3. Give a name to the SureBackup job and click Next.
  4. Select the virtual lab to use for recovery verification. Click Next to proceed.
  5. Select an Application Group to verify. Flag the Keep the application group running after the job completes check box if required. Click Next to advance.
  6. You can optionally add a backup or replication jobs with VMs that you want to verify with the SureBackup job. Flag the Link jobs check box, click Add to select the jobs, and change the number of simultaneously processed VMs if required.
  7. For every linked job, click Edit and select a role that the VM performs, configure the VM startup settings, select the tests that must be performed and specify the credentials for running the verification script. When done, click OK then Next in the main screen.
  8. In the Settings step, you can define several options to scan the VM to chech integrity or for malware, and define settings for SNMP traps. Click Next to proceed.
  9. Define the schedule if required, and check the Wait for backup jobs if needed. Click Apply to advance.
  10. Review the summary for the job, and select Run the job when I click Finish if required. Click Finish to close the wizard.

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